Cheking fixtures Manufacture in Monterrey

Diseños Metálicos JMH, S.A. de C.V. was founded in 2002 in Monterrey, Nuevo León by Engineer Julián Macías Chávez. A 100% mexicana company widely experienced dedicated to the industry of the fabrication of metal products, being always on the leading edge of the changes generated on the metalmecanic industry.

It’s an organization dedicated to the commercialization, fabrication and distribution of metallic products.

Over the years, our staff has specialized and updated in the Design in the fabrication of Checking Fixtures Dies, as well as in other services of fabrication of pieces for the Maintenance Area.

Furthermore, we have experience in the fabrication of Poka Yoke tooling to prevent poor assembling in production.


We are an organization dedicated to the fabrication of Manual and Progressive Dies. Checking Fixtures, Poka Yoke attachments and Tolling services, such as stamping for the overall industry. Supporting our clients, with the daily commitment of each and every one of the collaborators of our company, using the the best practices in work methods and procedures, applied both for Human Development and Infrastructure, in compliance with the quality specifications of our clients, continually advising them personally, thus contributing in national and international market.

In JMH we care about our collaborators to be continually in an environment where values and principles that encourage cordial relationships prevail, aiming to contribute to the social environment, keeping and strengthening our source of labor.

To be an Organization Leader in the Fabrication of Manual and Progressive Dies. Checking Fixtures, Poka Yoke attachments and Tolling services, such as stamping for the overall industry. Relying on highly competent and trained personnel and cutting edge technology for our products, ensuring the permanence of our clients and the opening of new markets.

Quality Objectives JMH

1.- To achieve a growth in sales for the industry.
  • To achieve a growth of at least 15% of the sales compared with the previous year.
2.- Comply with delivery times of our clients, Measurement Indicators:
  • Comply with 100% of the delivery program for our clients.
3.- To develop and fulfill Improvement projects for the Company:
  • To comply with 100% of the activities of the current Improvement Projects.
  • To suggest and start at least one Improvement Project each semester, per area.
4.- To maintain Customer Satisfaction
  • To comply with 100% of the Program of Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
  • To comply with 100% of the solution of problems presented by the Customer Satisfaction Surveys, as established by the Procedure.
  • To comply with the quality of the products so we do not exceed 3% of rejection indicators.

5.- To reinforce and maintain the Culture of Quality in our organization.
  • To comply with 100% of the Capacitation of the Staff Program in aspects of Quality and continuous Improvement.
  • To comply with 100% of the Program of Culture of Quality Promotion.
6.- To comply with the Objectives and Indicators of Measurement of the Processes Performance.
  • To comply with 100% of the revision of the Indicators of Measurement of the Processes of each area and ensure that action plans and Corrective Measures are in case of not complying with some or any of them.

General machineries in Monterrey


JMH Values: Commitment


We are committed work with our team with Punctuality and Discipline, putting ourselves in place of our Clients, knowing the severe consequences that not doing so would represent, and fully understanding their functionality needs, required by the Products requested.

JMH Values: Security


We understand that all activities carried out with Work Security, following all established guidelines, will lead us to care for our physical integrity and the infrastructure of the Company, being Equipment, Machinery or Material, and as a consequence, we will have an impact in the Quality provided to our Clients both in our Products and in Delivery Times, having enough capacity to comply with all the requirements established.

JMH Values: Order


Working in Order, we’ll have an Efficient Use of Resources, thus managing to finish our work with the best quality and time in each of our projects. Stablishing order in our everyday life, we will have as results the best prices and benefits for both parties, Supplier and Client.

JMH Values: Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Because we worry about the Quality of Life of our Collaborators and Workers, we are constantly implementing actions to understand their needs and concerns, so they can work in the best possible circumstances. We wish to see the quality of life that we want in the Company reflected in the Service of out Clients.

JMH Values: Communication


Effective communication is an essential part of the Company, since we adapt ourselves to our Clients, understanding their needs, requirements, urgencies, and their culture, to provide a complete and high Quality work.

Establishing effective communication between the Client and the Technicians engaged in their projects, and understanding from the beginning each of their needs and/or projects.