Dedicated to the fabrication of high precision parts relying on the best equipment.

  • Machining Center Axis X 40″ Axis and 20″ Axis Z 28″.
  • Machining Center Axis X 60″ Axis and 40″ Axis Z 40″.
  • CNC Die.
  • Plain Surface Grinding Machine To 1 Metro.
  • 33” Engine Lathe.

  • Conventional Milling Machines with digitals on the Axis X and Y.
  • FARO equipment or CMM. with pressure of 0.0002.
  • Wire Cut Machines.
  • Mechanic Press of 150 Tons. Table of 30″ x 60″ opening of 18″.
  • Press of 300 Tons. Table of 108″ x 60″ opening of 36″.

Constant training of our employees in English language

JMH personal training

JMH personal training


  • Design and fabrication of Checking Fixtures and Progressive and or Stationary Dies.


  • Poka Yoke tooling design, to prevent poor assembly in production.

Design Area:

  • Software Solid Works, Auto Cad 06/10, CATIA and Mechanical.
  • Two base designers and two external designers for necessary cases.


  • 2 Cars for sales.
  • 2 Pick-ups.
  • 1 Truck 3 1/2tons.


  • 1 Forklift for 5tons.
  • 1 Chain block for 5tons.

Welding Area:

  • 1 Electric welding machine.
  • 1 Metal arc welding machine.
  • 2 Cutting equipment.
  • TIG Welding machine.


  • To have our clients trust, so they can be our best reference.
  • Diversify and update optimized equipment for its use and have better quality.
  • Determine processes and provide the necessary infrastructure.


  • Constant staff training, in addition to extensive experience.
  • To be a leader in processes, equipment and integration for the fabrication of metallic parts.


JMH Milling machines, conventional lathes